Sunday, September 18

Renovating the court room....

Did ya'll hear? The law school's court room is getting renovated, thanks to some fund-raising and a "technology grant" from the SBC foundation. Looks like it's getting all new high-tech equipment and plasma screens. And just in time for the '06/'07 school year. Cool stuff! Congrats to the Dean and everyone who made this happen. Check out the story here.


Blogger MarioC said...

how many students could get barbri with $1.6 million?

how many people could get tuition breaks with 1.6million and only have to take the stafford loans out?

let's talk about the proposed tower for the undergrad. that $1 million most likely comes from $4 million dollars law students paid in tuition last year.

how about oyster bake? 70 percent of the funds collected from the party that blocks law students from studying the weekend before finals goes to scholarships. how many of those scholarships are for law students?

First year law scholarships (aka grant) helps out the first year. fancy maneuvering by splitting the summer sessions gets you 18, 500 twice your second year. by your third year you are locked in. no splitting and if you didnt get good grades or come from a certain background you get no scholarships. enter the 3rd year law school loan at 9%. (funny, because when i asked for my refund check one day they told me "sorry, sir this isnt a bank")

lunch at aramark is about 9 bucks. 16 cents for a cup of ice.

snickers is 70 cents.

parking stickers are 30 something bucks yet nobody checks it unless i get a ticket. it doesnt restrict nonstudents from parking in our lot. it doesnt allow me to leave things in my car thinking they'll be ok. it doesnt do anything but generate serious cash that you would think could give us enough security in our own buildings. (i saw students walkin around the library with their bags doing work from aisle to aisle.) (i have to pack all my stuff if i want to urinate). rattler eyes - let me keep on eye on sketchy lookin people then report them out only to be ignored by the front desk. hell I look sketchy. once i show them my ID i'm good to go. of course, most of the criminal element probably comes from up the hill carrying a yellow st mary's id card.

maybe trial ad and the chosen few will enjoy the courtroom. i know i will because i might be a 4L. if i drop a couple of classes this year i'll make tuition and reapply to stafford loans to finish out december 06. then i can be charged for the UC (100bucks) that i've used a handful of times and maybe the residence life office will charge me 100 bucks because they saw me walk by a dorm one time. how about a late charge. if i dont have the money by a certain date then logically i can pay THAT sum plus 150 dollars the next fucking day. then after a few more days i'll get dropped, but no refund.

do not edit this comment.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Ralph Perez said...

Mario, you should have an opinion column in a newspaper, I think you missed your calling.

9:54 PM  
Blogger MichaelMcLees said...

I was holding my opinion of the new courtroom until I saw a picture. As it turns out, it isn’t made of solid gold as I imagined it would be at that price, so I am going to call it a tremendous rip off. Think about it; 1.6 million bucks in Texas will get you 8,000 square feet of luxury home in an exclusive neighborhood. They even throw in a pool.

I don't see how the school can justify building (read: remodeling) this room at this price.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Apocalypse Pooh said...

Great article, Mario. You should send that to the school paper.

And why in the name of God are they buying Plasma displays for the new courtroom? The lifespan for a plasma monitor in a commercial setting is two years, three years in a domestic setting. I'll be generous and give these monitors a four year life span since they won't be used as often as a regular household -- but still, why spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a technology with a 48 month life span?

8:18 AM  

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