Monday, August 29

Running for Senator

Hey everybody,

In a clever move Mo decided to leave me off the list of candidates that went around. Cunning, I know, but it will not stop my efforts to compete in this election! (I'm kidding. I love you Mo. Really.)

I am running for 1L Senator and I would really appreciate y'alls votes! I am very exited to be here, and have been on Student Council and then Student Government in both high school and in university. I really want to be involved and will help out with SBA regardless of if I'm elected.

And rememeber...

California may have Schwarzenegger...
But Saint Mary's has Schwarz...

Except my name is shorter,
and my accent MUCH easier to understand!



Blogger Mike said...

where is the list of candidates or was that something just done in your section?

2:20 PM  
Blogger Nathan Schwarz said...

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (StMULP) In a surprise move the Schwarz Campaign has officially endorsed the "Vote Mo" campaign despite earlier rumors of hostilities surrounding an alledged omission from a list of candidates.

When asked for comment Schwarz noted, "I have nothing against Mo. I went to her birthday party after all." When pressed for comment on whether or not his reason for attending was for the food and merriment the candidate had no comment.

The list of official candiates will be available at polling locations and will provide information on both their past college activities and platforms.

3:46 PM  

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