Tuesday, August 30

Feb. 20004 -- 72.3% of St. Mary's Students Passed the Bar on First Attempt - Below State Average

SAN ANTONIO – The percentage of St. Mary’s University School of Law students who took the Texas Bar exam for the first time in February and passed is the highest in eight years, according to the Texas Board of Law Examiners.
Some 72.73 percent of first-time test takers from St. Mary’s passed the February exam, the first of two administered annually by the board to aspiring lawyers. That rate is a few points below the overall statewide average for first-time takers of 75.59 percent, but significantly above the 50 percent of St. Mary’s students who took the exam in February 2004 and passed.
“There is definitely room for both celebration, and improvement, given these results,” said Bill Piatt, dean of the School of Law.
Only 22 St. Mary’s alumni took the exam for the first time in February, including several who graduated in years past but had never taken the exam. The number of those sitting for the February exam historically is smaller than the July exam. For instance, in July 2004, 149 St. Mary’s alumni took the exam for the first time, 79.87 percent of them passing.Additionally, the percentage of St. Mary’s students who repeated the exam in February and passed also increased this year over the previous February results. Some 58.33 percent of those repeating the exam passed, the fourth highest pass rate of all nine Texas law schools among repeat takers, exceeding the statewide average of 50.64 percent.


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the upward trend is starting. Let's continue the trend!

Congrats to the alumni!

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