Sunday, December 4

Good luck, everybody

Saturday, December 3

Best of Luck with Finals!

Don't know if anyone even reads this anymore, but just wanted to say Good Luck to everyone!

We've come a long way since we started this Blog in August and now it's time to show what we have learned along the way.

Happy Finals and an even Happier Semester Break!!!

Saturday, October 29

Section A

You know, last I heard, Section A won...

Perhaps Sections B and D counted their chicks before they hatched, or weighed their candy before pulling the apples from the trash cans.

All in all, I’m glad the Boo Bash went well and the comments by Sister Grace at the end hit that home. I didn’t participate all that much, but I’m glad still the same.

As for which section rules… well… if you aren’t in Section A, you’re just out of luck.

Tuesday, October 25


Sorry Sections A, B & C, but by the end of this week, all the sections will have to agree that SECTION D RULES THE SCHOOL!

Monday, October 24

Section B is the Best!!!

Section B - Stands for Best, Better than You, and Bitchin'

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Lawyers. Don't let them write briefs, or argue in court. Let them be Doctors, and feasors of Tort.
Andrew Froelich, St. Mary's Law School 1L. Copyright 2005. All Rights Reserved. Credit must follow quote if used.

Friday, September 30

any 2ls or 3ls up for it, a group of us 1ls are willing to pay good money for good outlines from the following classes:

torts w rice
contracts w cochran
property w lytton
property w mather

e-mail us

Thursday, September 29

Question from a Tech law student

I got a message from a student at Tech (NO idea how he got my name/Yahoo ID). He said they are using torts books written by one of our professors, Vincent Johnson--Studies in American Tort Law, and Mastering Torts. Prof. Johnson is visiting at Notre Dame this year and I told him I'm only 1L so I don't know anything about him. Apparently his class is freaking out about this new book, and he asked me to see if I could find an outline from a class that used this book that someone would be willing to share. I told him I'd see what I could do. So, if you've had Prof. Johnson, or had a class that used his book and would be willing to share your outline with some worried Tech students, please let me know. Reply to this post or email me at


Thursday, September 22

Message from President of school....

"In preparation for Hurricane Rita that is scheduled to hit the Texas Gulf Coast late Friday night and Saturday, the following decisions have been made:


The University will close for the weekend, beginning at 6 p.m., Friday, Sept. 23. This includes all facilities, except for residence halls. Once the storm has passed and an assessment of the campus is completed, the University could resume operations as soon as Sunday morning, Sept. 25....

All computer services, including Blackboard, will shut down Friday at 6 p.m."

Tuesday, September 20

Delta Theta Phi - FREE FOOD!!!


General Meeting
Wednesday, September 21
4:30pm in the Law Administration building, Atrium

* Free pizza and beverages! *

New members
Upcoming events

Sunday, September 18

Renovating the court room....

Did ya'll hear? The law school's court room is getting renovated, thanks to some fund-raising and a "technology grant" from the SBC foundation. Looks like it's getting all new high-tech equipment and plasma screens. And just in time for the '06/'07 school year. Cool stuff! Congrats to the Dean and everyone who made this happen. Check out the story here.

Tuesday, September 13

Free Food?

Ok, it's been a week. Time for a new post.

I know 1L's are largely driven by their stomachs so I have not one, but *two* opportunities for free food!

On Thursday, September 15, PMBR will be giving out free breakfast tacos at our table in the Law Classroom Building. We'll be set up by 8a, and stay as long as the food lasts. Come by and get breakfast and learn about PMBR, too.

On the same day, at lunch, the Employment and Labor Law Association (fondly known as ELLA) will be having our first meeting of the year in the Atrium. We'll have pizza and drinks and we'll start at 11a.

See ya'll there!

Wednesday, September 7


Please visit the table set up in the law classroom building and pick up a list of items the law school is collecting for its Hurricane Katrina Urgent Relief Drive.
Some of the items include:
Canned Veggies
Canned meats

The drive is only happening THIS WEEK so please make sure to bring things to donate Thursday and Friday!

The items collected will be distributed to shelters in San Antonio and Houston.

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, September 6

I'm so glad to see...

....that Black's Law Dictionary gives us the definition of the (legal?) term shyster. "A person (esp. a lawyer) whose business affairs are unscrupulous, deceitful, or unethical."

Saturday, September 3

Email: the MARIO bi-WEEKLY

in htown this weekend but the river is looking good for ...
charlie sullivan says it's going down on the guadalupe..."Sunday 9/4 labor day weekend JB and Stragglers and Wade Bowen atRiverroad Icehouse." there might be a st mary after party at canyon lake or on the river. for more info call: Charlie 210-***-**** or nathan cace 210-***-****

TEAM 7's first game!!
please come out and support us
From Loop 410: From Loop 410, take 281 North. Exit Bitters and make a left on Bitters to the first light. Take a left at the light (Embassy Row) and follow the street to the end turning right onto Embassy Oaks. The MVP Indoor Soccer Academy is on the left next to Laser Quest.
3L's-Zach Luce, Eddie Robinson, Andrew Hurd, Mario Cortes. Scott de la Garza
2L's-Luke Alsobrook, Nathan Leavitt, Bryan Rose, Amos Pardo?, Josh Van Maele, Andy Valenson
1L's- Nathan Perez, Aldo Salazar, Mike Denuccio

also, it's the hispanic law student association's first general meeting 11am atrium.

survey - should we still hit oakhills? some people think hemmingways is a better place.
oakhills v. hemmingways - decision 2005
hemmingways:owned by stmary law alums - pitchers will be 5 dollars BUT who knows what wednesdays are like
oakhills: where everybody knows your name BUT pitchers have shot up from 6 bucks to 8 bucks yet the trivia prize remains at 25dollars

"Nothing but a G thing Ninities Party" - before Mike Jones there was ... Dayna Jones
come celebrate a birthday at casa de Dayna, Forest and Mario. 90's jams only. barbq. Marioritas (this time for real) and beer. dust of the girbauds(fold and roll the cuff), pull out the hypercolor shirts, maybe a grunge outfit, mc hammer pants, that obnoxious express shirt with the neon X. directions can be obtained through word of mouth.

Hispanic Fest (hlsa's annual party and fundraiser) - 7 to 11pm @ prof. valencia's house. tix are free for members and 10 bucks for the rest of you folks. good food, good music, good dancing ( i will offer free private salsa and merengue classes if you promise never to use the moves anywhere else.)

MONDAY - info taken from
i'll be at the astrodome this monday if anybody is in Htown ,please join me.
Harris County Citizen Corps- Astrodome shelter for disaster refugees:Persons wanting to volunteer in direct service to help the Katrina disaster victims who have arrived in Houston should go to the McNee Street parking lot just north of Reliant Stadium, between Kirby and Fannin.. (They should use the "West Entrance", so called because it is on the west side of Reliant Center). Volunteers should come to the 2nd floor of Reliant Center and identify themselves as being with Harris County Citizen Corps. About 300-500 volunteers will be needed on the scene at all times around the clock. The Houston Food Bank is needing volunteers to manage sorting, packaging and delivery of foods to various shelters. They are accepting walk-ins.
Location: 3811 Eastex Freeway, Houston, TexasPhone: (713) 223-3700\nweb site address: www.houstonfoodbank.orgBecause we are operating under emergency disaster mode, orientation will not be necessary. Please just show up at one of the following times. It is not necessary to call and schedule a volunteer shift. We truly appreciate your time and effort in helping us respond to hurricane Katrina.\nVolunteer Shifts are as follows:Monday - Labor Day – September 5th8:00 AM - 12:00 PM1:00 PM - 5:00 PMEveryone must wear close-toed shoes. Please leave your bags, purses, and cell phones locked in the trunk of your car or at home. If you are bringing a group of 5 or more, please call before coming. Individuals do not need to call in advance. At this time, you must be at least 16 years old.

christian senior services annual fundraiser benefiting meals on wheels.
RIO CIBOLO Ranch 2 to 7pm. 20 dollars for adults and 10 dollars for kids under 13 will get you some babrbecue (between 5 to 6). silent acution, hay rides, ping, pong, billiards, carnival games, horseshoes, barge rides on the cibolo, shuffleboard, airhockey, volleyball, garden trails and more...
get tix from me"

Tuesday, August 30

Feb. 20004 -- 72.3% of St. Mary's Students Passed the Bar on First Attempt - Below State Average

SAN ANTONIO – The percentage of St. Mary’s University School of Law students who took the Texas Bar exam for the first time in February and passed is the highest in eight years, according to the Texas Board of Law Examiners.
Some 72.73 percent of first-time test takers from St. Mary’s passed the February exam, the first of two administered annually by the board to aspiring lawyers. That rate is a few points below the overall statewide average for first-time takers of 75.59 percent, but significantly above the 50 percent of St. Mary’s students who took the exam in February 2004 and passed.
“There is definitely room for both celebration, and improvement, given these results,” said Bill Piatt, dean of the School of Law.
Only 22 St. Mary’s alumni took the exam for the first time in February, including several who graduated in years past but had never taken the exam. The number of those sitting for the February exam historically is smaller than the July exam. For instance, in July 2004, 149 St. Mary’s alumni took the exam for the first time, 79.87 percent of them passing.Additionally, the percentage of St. Mary’s students who repeated the exam in February and passed also increased this year over the previous February results. Some 58.33 percent of those repeating the exam passed, the fourth highest pass rate of all nine Texas law schools among repeat takers, exceeding the statewide average of 50.64 percent.

Monday, August 29

Vote for Allen DeBard!

Vote for Allen DeBard!
And he'll tell you who Johnny Drama is...

Vote for Pedro

or Ralph Perez.

Bob Schaezler for 1L Special Prosecutor

Hello All:

This is just a bit of obscene self promotion as the election nears. I'm running for 1L Special Prosecutor and I respectfully ask for your vote.

I promise to promote and advance our interests while prosecuting violators of the student honor code to the full extent of the remedies set forth by the lofty standards of the Student Handbook.
It's important to note that this has never happened before, and probably won't happen during my tenure, so I believe the thrust of my efforts will be in assistance of SBA to find and secure bar tabs throughout town. I can do that.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Bob Schaezler

1L Senator

Hey everyone - my name is Kelly Smoot, a section D-er. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am running for 1L senator. I won't bore you with a long winded posting, just a short and sweet plug!! I graduated from Texas A&M, took a year off to work, and now I'm here, and looking forward to getting to know everyone better. Remember me when you vote tomorrow! Have a great week!

Running for Senator

Hey everybody,

In a clever move Mo decided to leave me off the list of candidates that went around. Cunning, I know, but it will not stop my efforts to compete in this election! (I'm kidding. I love you Mo. Really.)

I am running for 1L Senator and I would really appreciate y'alls votes! I am very exited to be here, and have been on Student Council and then Student Government in both high school and in university. I really want to be involved and will help out with SBA regardless of if I'm elected.

And rememeber...

California may have Schwarzenegger...
But Saint Mary's has Schwarz...

Except my name is shorter,
and my accent MUCH easier to understand!